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Month: October 2010

¶ Marketing survival: Murder 2.0

¶ What does it take for the heathen in squalor to adopt a more vivacious life? Obviously, the answer is neither Jesus nor Buddha. Not for our filthy gentile here. ¶ He is a young man, all tall and well-built, as if walls are all around him. Always furious, he can chase away strangers like you and me within seconds of his […]

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¶ Office gossip

¶ Merlin’s beard! Nobody mentioned that the Hogwarts castle has a crystal ball stored somewhere within the school grounds. ¶ I overheard Ron and Harry synergized with other Gryffindor members their spontaneous plan to find this particular ball. They are mainly using the Room of Requirement. Legend has it that the ball is the key portal to unleash a Pegasus that can fly across our fabled world into […]

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O.C.: The twilight zone

  I wrote this piece back when I was in high school. It was inspired by the hit TV drama series The O.C. I’ve never been there before at that time, but I just let my imagination rule the piece. Hope you like it. Every night, the sky is illuminated with millions of stars in […]

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Moving words

POETRY   From left to right, You scan at me, deeper and deeper down to the next line of me. I got you on the head, my first line – You keep staring at my form I don’t under-stand why You don’t move As I am slowly but surely directing your way out. You chose […]

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Directing the director

...and, action!

I am a woman – a man-made computer.

Please use me whenever you wish, but read the signs:



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