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Month: September 2010

¶ On rebuilding his-story:

¶ His story builds history, not the other way around. ¶ Standing tall with his head raised up high He took his challenge to wash away the tears of his heart and redeem himself instead after series of sticky nightmares from the past He went deepest down to the dirty underground founding bundles and bundles of newfound bricks and mortars […]

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  甘え物を好き 甘え者がすき 全て甘えかたの大好き 食べたことと 愛したひとも 色々な世界ね、それは . . . ーと言うって。       ♥ Stace Tweet | ‘gram | Pin | Tumblr | Follow

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  一人で うちはー いいえ、 家が無い。 人生は 寂しさー ね、自分の 気は うわの空 腹がない。       ♥ Stace Tweet | ‘gram | Pin | Tumblr | Follow

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Something cheesy I tell myself before every run: Anything can happen. You can run a total of 50 miles at one time, or more junk miles in addition to that, and still can never get to that runner’s high. That’s why you need a plan. Like life, it all takes a little planning to get there. You can crawl your way up […]

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