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Month: March 2010

The flyers: Hairy and a hundred year-old Tutu

Up on the hills of Hillsensky, there lived Hairy and Tutu.

Hairy spend her night and day running, jumping, racing, and hopping around the meadows of fresh, yellow daisies spreading across the hills and skies.

Indeed, Hairy is a steadfast creature, a very fast flyer too, spinning around from here and there, then go round the world  and about.

Tutu, however, spend her days under her shell, rarely sees the sun that shines brightly across the hills and skies. But every night, every single night, she dives into the pond by the yellow daisies, deep in the woods, grasses upon grasses she go on to dive and swim on the depths of waters.


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The real deal

ARTICLE February/March 2010 Edited by Masha Rumer   High rates of divorce and unemployment are the many causes that contribute to the high foreclosure rates in the past couple of years. Investing in real estate creatively in the Bay Area can help these domestic issues directly. As the peninsula is a large part of the […]

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