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Poem: An angel’s serenade


Amidst the wings and halos, there’s one angel singing a serenade:

“My love is dear and kind
and he was never that hard to find
one day I slept in the heart of the ocean
then came god’s greatest Creation:
my Love, my Other Soul.He came across the deep ocean
our eyes met and set without motion
I saw him, he saw me,
we saw god
within those stars that twinkle and sparkle.
As soon as we’ve found the Other Soul,
we musn’t lose our own souls into the big, black hole
invisible to the eyes and mind
However, love is never blind —With my love, we will be One
wherever, whenever, whatever we want
even in the big, black hole
we will survive together as One whole.
Love is power.”


She’s definitely not a fallen angel.




via Ondine Simon on Pinterest